3-Step Review

Our 3-Step Financial Review helps you take control of your financial future by potentially reducing money paid in unnecessary taxes and  investment fees, and improve your financial planning. The 3-Step Review applies to almost any financial decision or concern; thus, helping to assure that your decisions are best for you.

There is no better time

There is no better time to look forward and take control of your future than right now with a 3-Step Review.

Our process is as follows:

The First Step is a complete review of your tax return to identify potential tax issues, such as phantom income, incorrect use of taxes and tax-deferral strategies. We will also help you discover missed opportunities for offsetting gains and losses which can often be fixed quickly and simply.

The Second Step is an income analysis to determine if you are getting the most from your current income sources and how to incorporate that income into a strategy that generates income for your future and desired retirement lifestyle.

The Third Step is a risk analysis to determine if your current investment risk is at a level you are comfortable with and is in harmony with your retirement needs and lifestyle goals.

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